Towards a new season – greetings from the executive director

The 2025 vision of the forest and wood industry is to develop to a responsible pioneer of all-encompassing wood processing. For us, it is important to extent the value added to local wood products, sustainable use of wood and wooden products and develop new wood-based products and services. The field will develop rapidly due to increasing use of wood and climate change. By predicting this progress, we will keep the forerunner position internationally.

In our recent projects we have recognised interesting productization opportunities in the by-products of wood harvesting and sawmill industry. We can produce new specialised wood products or sustainable saturation solutions locally and for local use here in the northern Finland in the future. We are now globally living a wood construction boom. Wood-based products, renewable energy and high-rise wooden buildings are hot topics of conversations around the world. Their business potential is remarkable, and it is a desirable direction to the whole industry.

On the other hand, the companies are facing pressure from outside of the industry. We have been planning actions to control the pressure. We will increase our communication and introduce new constructive viewpoints to the conversations of climate change, deforestation, and forest utilisation. We want to highlight the benefits of good and sustainable forestry to employment, well-being, and environment in Finland.

The success of the field is based on utilising both the inside synergies of the branch and the synergies in between fields. We make tight cooperation inside the field and between branches and aim at tightening it even more. That requires increasing knowhow and networking. By working together, we can ensure responsible forestry in the future. We are looking forward on how our new initiatives related to cooperation of different branches and digital innovations start to develop. News from those is expected during later in the spring and summer!

Northern Forest & Wood Ry:n jäsenenä saat merkittäviä etuja!