The Story of the Northern Wood

The journey of the northern wood starts from the sustainably managed forests and continues towards various uses here in Finland and around the world. The forests make an impact on the lives of the local people in many ways. They bring well-being and business activity. We are proud of our forests and want to take good care of them. Therefore, we cultivate highly professional way of working in the forest and wood industry. We combine the modern methods with respecting traditions.


The Best Wood Grows in Northern Finland

The northern wood grows slowly, therefore it is strong and straight. Now, forests grown for economical purposes cover around 700 000 hectares in Koillismaa. Forests have a significant impact on the regional economy: the industry employs almost 500 people in the region.

The pine grown in the north is versatile raw material for sawmill industry. Construction material, furniture and decor can be made of it. The round stocks are worked into products for the woodworking industry. The by-products of the sawmill can be used to produce bioenergy and new materials, for example, strong and light bio-composites. This allows the locals and tourists to enjoy renewable heating. The ash from the bioenergy production will return to the woods as s recycled fertiliser.  

”Modern ways and centuries old traditions of using wood meet in the northern forests”


In addition to vitality, the forests offer a sustainable way to sequestrate carbon from the atmosphere. Well managed forests are carbon sinks. It is estimated that during its 75-year life cycle, a hectare of a forest sequestrates approximately 275 thousand kilograms of carbon. This equates the carbon footprint of almost 30 Finns. The forests could be used sustainably even 50% more than they are used now. Refined wood is a carbon storage: a building made of the northern wood captures the carbon for the whole life cycle of the building.

There is a long tradition of forestry in Finland. It is known around the world and the Finnish forest know-how is a desirable asset. In Koillismaa and elsewhere in Northern Finland the forests are taken care of by the recommendations and respect. Local people, and the over one million tourists visiting in the area annually, respect the forests and the well-being they create.


”Refined wood is a carbon storage. A building made of the northern wood captures the carbon for the whole life cycle of the building.”


The northern forests are clean, and people of all ages enjoy them. Sustainable forestry takes all users into account and operates responsibly by the mutually agreed practices. Thinning of a forest gives trees more space to grow, enhances the carbon sink and increases the other values of a forest by giving space for the game to roam and berries to grow. A healthy forest is the best place to pick berries and mushrooms, to hunt and fish.

Our culture in the north has grown around the forests. This is a culture where the past, the present, and the future meet in peace and all respective towards each other’s needs.

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